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Our Core Sectors


IIoT, System Integration & Automation

IIoT is rapidly becoming pervasive throughout our businesses and productions lines, and there’s no end to its growth in sight. Our factories, assembly lines, industrial process equipment and critical  infrastructures are host to countless heterogeneous connected sensors and devices. We now have “smart” IS/ Rugged handheld devices as part of our work and ready to “help” us.

Wireless Communications

Realix radios bring exacting standards of innovation, quality and excellence to its professional communications equipment, so that users can communicate with confidence in all their applications. Our products are designed without compromise and offer a winning combination of quality and value, which is why, in recent years, Realix has won some of the most prestigious tenders in the public sectors.

Oil And Gas

IS Mobile Phones

IS/Rugged IIoT devices from Realix UK can be deployed by different departments or business units. Consistency, agility and scalability offered by our devices helps safely embrace the future. Organizations need the ability to dynamically discover, identify and continually assess devices upon connection.

Thermal Condition Monitoring

Predictive maintenance and reliability go hand in hand. The monitoring work require sensors in the field, to overcome challenges that impact people, process and assets. We offer the Exertherm solution that enhance workforce resiliency, allows remote asset monitoring & safety, while ultimately benefitting the productivity and bottom-line.


Fire & Gas Detection Systems

Throughout the process industries, plant operators are faced with risks. Fire and gas (F&G) detection and mitigation systems are key to maintaining the overall safety and operation of industrial facilities.

Water Network Management

Water scarcity and climate change are considered the main causes of water related concerns around the globe. These get even worse due to the anthropogenic stresses put on water systems struggling to meet rapidly growing water demands.


City Gas Distribution Network Management

Compared to other utilities, a gas distribution network can be extremely complex. A gas distribution network is made up of a series of well-looped external pipelines leading from the source to the main gas distribution point, and ultimately to the customer location.