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Fire & Gas Detection Systems

Throughout the process industries, plant operators are faced with risks. Fire and gas (F&G) detection and mitigation systems are key to maintaining the overall safety and operation of industrial facilities. F&G systems are installed in offshore petroleum exploration and production, onshore oil and gas facilities, refineries and chemical plants, marine operations, tank farms and terminals, pipelines, power plants, mining, and paper mills. According to international standards, safety implementation is organized under a series of protection layers. To continuously monitor for abnormal situations such as a fire, or combustible or toxic gas release within the plant; and provides early warning and mitigation actions to prevent escalation of the incident and protect the process or environment, guidelines have been made to install F&G systems. By implementing an integrated fire and gas strategy based on the latest automation technology, plants can meet their plant safety and critical infrastructure protection requirements while ensuring operational and business readiness at project start-up. With the advancements in instrumentation and automation, we now talk about connected plant safety which not only makes the environment safe but also saves response time & keeps the concerned informed of the live status.