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IIoT, System Integration & Automation


IIoT Related Services

IIoT is rapidly becoming pervasive throughout our businesses and productions lines, and there’s no end to its growth in sight. Our factories, assembly lines, industrial process equipment and critical infrastructures are host to countless heterogeneous connected sensors and devices. We now have “smart” IS/ Rugged handheld devices as part of our work and ready to “help” us.  These exciting new “smart” devices from our group company “Realix UK” provide services and functionality that require network connectivity to move the data or images they capture to and from their receiving management systems and end-users. This connectivity often occurs via the Internet to enable services and allow for remote management capabilities by corporate resources or third parties ensuring complete safety and security of the critical data.

The combination of so many different types of IoT devices, unique management interfaces, varying network architectures, unpredictable network access and random deployments by various groups, creates the perfect storm of potentially uncontrollable risk and management inefficiencies. We at ESPL have the expertise to balance the need to holistically manage and secure these devices  without slowing the pace of innovation. To address the risks these connected IoT devices pose, ESPL is your perfect partner for taming the tornado of IIoT devices to embrace their benefits while reducing the headaches and harm they may cause.

System Integration & Automation

Enviro has control technicians that are highly proficient in the system selection, programming and installation of many PLCHMI and SCADA software applications.

We handle PLC programming and HMI (human machine interface) design for a wide variety of industries. Our company designs and implements custom, turn-key control systems with standard hardware components. Our many years of success brings us the experience needed to design, program, and implement systems customized to meet your needs.

  • Control algorithm development due to Customer requirements.
  • PLC software development.
  • Human Machine Interface development.
  • Alarm management system configuration.
  • Database Logging / Historian configuration.
  • Custom web interface development for control system.
  • PLC/HMI software testing.
  • Development of user documentation.

While PLC is the one that controls all the process/machine logic and interlocks, we pay special attention not only to software development process, but to software testing techniques to make sure that every Customer requirement is met.

When developing operator screens for HMI or SCADA we use modern high-efficiency approach to the way HMI should look like. We believe that good HMI must not only provide the operator with data about the process or machine state, but give him a clear understanding of key performance indicators (KPI) and the way he can influence them.