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IS Mobile Phones

IS/Rugged IIoT devices from Realix UK can be deployed by different departments or business units. Consistency, agility and scalability offered by our devices helps safely embrace the future. Organizations need the ability to dynamically discover, identify and continually assess devices upon connection. Also upon connection, devices should be immediately onboarded into a consistent platform to cohesively manage, monitor and secure them all at enterprise scale to reduce security gaps and management costs. Being able to automate processes including real-time device discovery, onboarding, compliance enforcement and remediation will definitely help your organization deploy new IIoT innovations while simultaneously minimizing risk. Range of feature phones, smart phones and wireless communication devices from Realix UK along with consistent dynamic solutions offers seamless connectivity through several onstream IIoT platforms and apps by our in house teams could be your perfect choice to simplify onboarding the ever changing world of IIoT.