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Thermal Condition Monitoring

Predictive maintenance and reliability go hand in hand. The monitoring work requires sensors in the field, to overcome challenges that impact people, processes, and assets. We offer the Exertherm solution that enhances workforce resiliency, allows remote asset monitoring & safety, while ultimately benefitting the productivity and bottom-line. Energy demand in process industries & in power transmission & distribution especially in densely populated areas is essential & constantly increasing. The excessive temperature in the circuit breaker, bus bar, and cable connections tend to loosen or corrode, causing thermal failure of the connection. Medium Voltage Switchgears represent one of the most vulnerable links anywhere & such electrical equipment in operating conditions is subject to overheating due to overload, corrosion, loose connections, and challenging environmental conditions. If neglected, these conditions can lead to failures, resulting in costly damage to switchgear and surrounding equipment, power production loss, or even severe injury. Implementing continuous monitoring gives electric utilities the ability to collect data generated during the switchgear’s normal operating conditions, thereby providing awareness to problems in real-time. Real-time trending during full load electrical stresses quickly provides insight into the health of the utility’s asset.